Welcome to Hookin' Up Holy, the one-stop source for married couples in search of intimacy enhancing products. While "Hookin' Up" is often a term reserved for commitment-free sexual encounters, we believe that spouses who "hook up" often have healthier, more intimate marriages overall. It's our goal to help build intimacy and fun within the marriage bed, because spouses who play together stay together!

Hookin' Up Holy provides a safe, enjoyable shopping experience for married couples in search of sex toys. There is no nudity or pornography on our site. We believe sex is a gift from God, meant to be enjoyed by both spouses, and it's our hope that our products will bless you in your marriage bed. We offer a price guarantee and low shipping costs, including free shipping on orders over $35 to Canada and the United States. Hookin' Up Holy also ships internationally.




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